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Signature Sound Experience

January 15, 2015 • corydl

Check out this Signature Sound Experience!  Pure Sound created the way it should be.

Limo Sound Systems

January 15, 2015 • corydl

We looked for the Best Richardson Limo Service and the Best Plano Limo Service to test the WOS Experience!  Sound Systems in Limousines and Party Buses have to have sweet sound to entertain the Passengers, and with deep bass speakers and great surround sound the video comes alive in these luxurious rides.  Both Limo Services we tested offered a full Fleet of Limousines, Party Buses and Executive Cars.  We tested multiple sized Vehicles to see how the Sound changed with size and style of Audio.

To give you an idea of Size of Limousines we tested, we were able to test 8-12 Passenger Stretch Limos, Large H2 Hummer Limos, Small Party Buses and Large Party Buses.  All of the Vehicles we tested offered Video and Audio, and all of the Sound Systems included Subwoofers and full a full range of sound.  All of these Limos offered a great experience and for an all out Party ride, or a Classy Classical experience, these Limos had the System to chrysler-insidemake it work.

Whether you are having a Bachelor Party in Plano or celebrating a Birthday in Richardson, these Limousines offer a large enough Vehicle to bring all of your Friends.  Plano Limousines and Richardson Limo Service also offer Tailgating at AT&T Stadium for Cowboys Games or Tailgating at the Rangers Ballpark.  With the Sound Systems and other features of these Rides, Tailgating can be an all day party.  You can also take a Luxurious Ride in a Classic Limo for an Anniversary or Night Out on the Town.

From Light Floors to mirror ceilings Limos can be extremely loaded and nice.  Party Buses can have up to 3 bars, poles, lights, video, sound, and more.  The challenge is to create an environment where the sound reflects off the walls and doesn’t get absorbed.  In Limos you have hard and soft surfaces with leather seats, hard floors with lights, hard ceilings and soft ceilings, bars with open spaces, windows and other surfaces.  All of these create different shapes and sounds from the music played.

Creating a full Wall of Sound is a delicate and intricate process of adding the right speakers in the right place.  With the right amps and other Power sources the delicate highs and low lows begin to create a whole new world around you. For the best Limo Service in North Texas, check out Plano Limousines or Richardson Limo Service.  Locally owned in the DFW area for over 20 years, both of these Services provide excellent service and and style.

The Ultimate Experience

January 2, 2015 • corydl

001591-19-romantic-tub-setupThe WOS Experience is a one of a kind experience for Online users.  We have rolled out this site to help you determine the how WOS can help you with your Online Experience.  We will walk you through different strategies and teach you how to take full advantage of WOS.  Check back often to learn more about how we are using WOS to advance our own lives and increase our Experiences!